The Great Peaks of Bharata

The Puranas bear mention to the seven Kulaparvatas (mountain ranges) of our land – Mahendra, Malaya, Riksha, Suktimat, Sahya, Vindhya and Paripatra. Let us explore their locations and significance.

Malaya and Sahya are the Southern and Northern half of the Western Ghats. Malaya extends down to the Southern tip of Bharat. Some theorize that the mountain ranges extend into the sea where the sunken island of Kumari Kandam lies.

Both the Sahya and Malaya are known for their Rudraksha trees and Sandalwood in the Puranas. The rivers Vaigai (Kritamala) and Tamraparni flow from the Malaya, and the Krishna, Godavari and Kaveri originate in the Sahya.

The Mahendra is the portion of the Eastern Ghats between the Godavari and Mahanadi rivers. The Suktimat range extends from the Godavari to the vicinity of Modern Mysore. Lord Parashuram is said to live in the Mahendra Hills, performing penance until the Kalki Avatar arises.

The Riksha mountains comprise of the modern Satpura. The rivers Payoshni and Tapti spring from these hills. The Vindhya range is known to all, starting from Gujarat and ending in the Gangetic Valley near Varanasi. The Narmada and Mahanadi originate in this range.

The Paripatra is the Aravalli range and its connection with the Vindhya near Gujarat. The curvature of that region is what owes to its name. Patra, meaning vessel. The Kshipra flows from these hills, on the banks of which the city of Ujjain is situated.

The geographical extent of our ancients needs to be studied more so that we can discover more interesting secrets of our land.

I have referred to Markandeya Purana’s Chapter 57 while writing this. It is available on the Wisdom Library website, and I would encourage you to read it and share your opinions and findings. I have created the map according to that text and the borders of Bharata are for representative purposes only


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