The Great Peaks of Bharata

The Puranas bear mention to the seven Kulaparvatas (mountain ranges) of our land – Mahendra, Malaya, Riksha, Suktimat, Sahya, Vindhya and Paripatra. Let us explore their locations and significance. Malaya and Sahya are the Southern and Northern half of the Western Ghats. Malaya extends down to the Southern tip of Bharat. Some theorize that the…

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Multiverse in Ancient India

The concept of multiple universes arose in India long before the west caught up. There are many types of Multiverses, but I’ll only be discussing parallel universes today. Parallel Universes The parallel universe theory may be one of the most famous types of Multiverses. It says that there are infinite universes that are strikingly similar…

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Spacecrafts of the Ancients

Image Credits: Many instances occur in the Itihasas and Puranas where flying chariots called Vimanas are mentioned. What are they, and how many types are there? Vimana as an aircraft In the Ramayana, the Pushpak Vimana has a central role in the abduction of Sita. It was made by the divine architect, Vishwakarma, who…

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